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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Book & Mag Shopping + First Giveaway

Yesterday I had a really therapeutic meet up with a gf. Here we are at Coffee Club Express for lunch. Everything was yummy!

Rich chocolatey desert for her.

The same old Ice Mocha for me. Haha.

We then head to Kino to look at some books and magazines.

We were at the Philosophy and Psychology section and my gf had this idea to take photos against the sign. ** My frowning face depicts that I could not find a book that I like.

Here is what I got.

And this is what she got.

Some random sightings around town.
This really amuses me. They even have a twilight bedsheets cover set!

It is only September but 2011 diaries are on the shelves already! I was so tempted to get one!

Lastly, OOTD.

I will be having my very first giveaway very soon! Do look out for it in the next post!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Will Learn

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Our Second Musical - Voyage de la Vie

Last weekend, the bffs gave me a pair of tickets for a musical! This was the second musical I watched with the bf. The first was Cats! But unlike Cats which is purely a theatrical musical, Voyage de la Vie comprises of breathtaking circus acts, contortion, trapeze, juggling and last but not least magic. It really kept me at the edge of my seat.

Photography was not allowed. But I sneakily took some shots. The moon looks so enchanting. This was the beginning of a Trapeze-Contortion act by Aurelia Cats. She is a beauty! Her act was one of my favorite!

Sorry! There were more acts but I was too engrossed in the show and did not took any more.
The show coming to an end.

We walked around a bit after the show, but all the stores were closed already. We will head back again one day!

One of the 24hours eatery in Universal Studio Singapore. Everything was good except that dumpling soup! Blehh.

I love the Mango pudding!
On a side note, I used to complain to the bf that he doesn't take photos of me. But now that he got his iphone. He have been sneakily snapping photos of me when I am eating! Only when I am eating! How annoying. I am really such a pain, I complained that he don't take, now that he is taking, I'm complaining too.

I got this dress from Topshop on a sale. It was SGD100+, but it only cost me SGD30 after discount!

What activity have you been up to lately?

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