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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Aftermath of New Moon

It is approx 12+hrs since I caught New Moon.
I remember leaving the theater feeling dreamy.
And I asked myself, if all these is real.
I am a hopeless romantic and the whole love triangle between a human, a werewolf and a vampire....leave me wishing this is all real. HAHA.

Onto the movie.
There was a scene when Jacob stood up and took off his tee and reveal his oh so yummy bod and I was happily staring and salivating when a bunch of girls siting in front me shriek with excitement.
It was funny and everybody in the theater laughed.
But when I recovered from it, the scene was over!!! Like over!!!

Throughout the 130mins, I was ogling at Jacob's taut bod and small eyes.
I left the theater declaring that I am Team Jacob.
I always always have a soft spot for the guy in a love triangle who is so devoted to the girl and fails to get her love.
When Bella said "Don't make me choose. It has always been Edward."
I cursed and the tears streaked down my cheek.
This leave my bf laughing.

I have to watch it again.

Friday, November 27, 2009

More please!

Lazy/busy me lately.
But I have been snapping pics everywhere I go.
So here goes!

My 2nd piece of heart shaped jewelry.
Used up my Rosebud Lip salve.
I like the pomegranate scent!
Made a trip to Kino.
I almost bought this.
Sephora finally bought in Juice Beauty!
Last but not least, Caudalie!
Went to the Expo sale.
Some Xmas gifts from Gap for my friends.
Even snacks were on sale. Haha!
Bought a blouse from French Connection.
YSL have withdraw their brand from Singapore.
No more YSL!!
It is only available in duty-free now.
So they were on sale too. Not sure if they were considered clearance.
I got these!
I am thinking of giving this as Xmas pressie for my bf's mum.
Should I?? But its so pretty...... hehehe.
I love this!
The gold packaging of YSL make it look so elegant and luxurious.
For my mum. Its really a gloss although it looks so red.
Givenchy blusher. Without casing. Very sweet colour. But hardly any shimmer.
End the shopping trip with some Nachos from Julius.
Look at this Corgi puppy! at my recent dog show.
She was chewing on the ribbon of my flats.
My bf said Corgis look like dwarf.
I can't believe I paid S$46 (or is it S$56) for this.
But there is a reason why.
When I saw Ah Sa wearing it in 小酒窝 mtv, I thought it look so pretty with all the little jewels glittering in the sun.
And when I spotted this! I was elated!
BUT I really did think and consider very long before I finally pull out my wallet.
But isn't it sweet?

Friday, November 20, 2009


Daul Kim is dead. Today.
I especially like Asian models.

She is only 20.
How sad is that.
She posted a blog entry just yesterday.
She seems like an emo girl.

She is such a beauty.
Imagine what her parents are going through now.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Winter Kate

I am liking Nicole Richie's clothing line.

photo credit: celebuzz

reminds me of soft green grass, the hand plucked wild flowers, white beach house, the summer that we met,
The last one is totally pretentious.
Singapore have no seasons. Everyday is summer day.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fly away

Life is funny.
The more you yearn for something, the harder it is for you to own it.
No matter how hard you try, how many times you tried.
I used to tell myself that the time will come.
Or maybe the mighty one thinks that I am still not ready for it.
But as time passes, I think I was consoling myself all these while.
Maybe it is time to face the truth.
The truth that always hurt.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

milk n cookie giveaway!

Congrats milk n cookie for reaching 60 followers!
Check out their contest giveaway here!

Really innovative and fun contest I must say. Haha!

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