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Monday, June 21, 2010


Yes. You probably can second guess from the title, that I have shop too much this month. So, I must blog this post to remind myself to not shop next month! Which is probably impossible, whats more I am going away to Bali. Before even reaching the destination, I know I will be buying some beauty products from the duty free shops in the airport. I will make sure I won't buy more than 3 items in Bali!!

So without further ado, I present to you, my HAUL

From Zipia. 2 maxi dresses. These are going with me to Bali.

From Zipia too.

Pants for work. Its a baggy fit pants. Cost only SGD25.

Love the pin tuck details!

From Mango. This was a dash and buy purchase! The store was so packed on Saturday, as it was their 2nd day of Sale. I went straight to the pants section, found this and pull them on under my dress and then to the check out! I was having second thoughts but my gf was convincing me to get it.

I visited the store 3 times before finally buying this pair of yellow heels! I wanted to get the brown one on the first visit. Then the yellow and purple caught my eye on the second visit. Finally decide on yellow on my third visit.

This, I got on the spot. It was only SGD20! All my sandals are going, so I wanted to get at least one to replace the 2 brown ones.

Erm, this is just my clothes and shoes hauls. I still have a beauty and magazine haul. OOooh nooo. The bf is spoiling me. =)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Some outfits coordinates

It's the raining season! Which means I get to start layering my outfits! The weather is usually too warm and humid to wear more than 1 layer. Yesterday's down pour resulted in floods in town area. There was a small flood around my office area too, rain water was up til my ankle level. I was in my slack attire with Birkenstock, and they got all soaked an stinky. EEw.

Some outfit coordinate. This was last Tuesday. The bf beside me.

Cardigan: Zipia
Green tank: Cotton On
White tunic: Cotton On
Blue leggings: Uniqlo
Pumps: Topshop

Top: Zara
Skirt: no brand
Grey leggings: Muji (HK)
Wedges: Novo

I wasn't wearing the belt for most of the time that day. It was so tight! I think it looks better without the belt too. You think?

This was last Saturday. The bf wanted Korean bbq. He was complaining I am always the one deciding on food. But that is because he always telling me 'anything.' HAHA. And that is because I am fussy with food! Or basically anything.

I don't know, but this close up pic of the beef looks kind of disgusting?


I'm using a new lippie! Will do a swatch soon!

Monday, June 7, 2010

OOTD x 2

Some photos taken over the weeks. Spent some time with the gfs. Shopping!

At Accessorizes. I want to buy everything in the store! I love their stuffs. But they are all so expensive.

We love this scarf! But it was SGD42. We battled so long as to if we should get it. Final decision. NO. For now. Haha. Can you see the blue polka dots on the scarf? I love it. It look so vintagey and cute!

OFTD. Don't you love these mirrors?

Here was last Friday. I get to leave early from work! Had an impromptu meetup with my childhood friend.
We were shopping for a high end label bag for her. This was her favorite one. Some lambskin one from LV which cost $4xxx? The sales guy was telling her how exquisite and luxurious the leather is. That one bag uses at least 5 lambs' skin. I told him that 'If I were you, I probably won't use that as my sales pitch.'

Met the bf for dinner next. We've been wanting to try this restaurant. They had some dinner set promo going on! Queuing for our turn. Full house.

Starters. I love onion soup.

His main course.

My wagyu meatball pasta!

Serving was huge! I wasn't expecting such huge servings in promo sets. We were stuffed! We couldn't finish the main course in the end.

They serve afternoon tea too! But not sure if it was available for weekends, quite impossible for weekdays. I would love to come again for tea.


Today is Monday! And I'm working from home. How nice!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Friends or foes?

Stacy Lockwood: [to Angela before leaving the car] You're weirder than I thought. - A Friend to Die For, 1994.

I don't even know how to begin. Work is stressful enough. And now, this.
Who will you call a friend? or even best friend? I think the bf and I are really suited for each other in this aspect. We are too good a friend to our friends and best friends. This may all sound childish you think. HA. What best friend?! You are well over your teen age to be troubled over friendship! HA. But let me just say, either you have no true friends, can't admit this fact, not a good friend material yourself, don't need friends, or so damn lucky that you and your bff or bmf are just meant to be!

Friendships problems always gets to me. After all these years, I've learn enough. If it can affect you so much, it only means that you had cared a lot and you had done a lot. You made sacrifices and done so much for the friend, but only to get nothing in the end. You expected the same from him/her, but you get none. Of course, expectations only lead to disappointments. Unless you are so selfless. To make all these even worst, like a double blow, is that your friend took all that for granted.

When you decided to not stood up for him/her once, finally, he/she blew his/her top. Then it hits you. Hard. That this 'friend' is just plain selfish. The friend don't see what you have done for him all these while, he only see what you didn't do for him this time round.

Imagine all these situations plus additional 'combos'. That this friend is not alone, he/she have a similar partner. Or how about all these have some blood relationship tangling somewhere. And even, they are all bff and bmf of each other. Plus, a protective one who always give grey answers. Last but not least, the whip cream on top of my caramel latte, their lack of communication among themselves created problems for other. Oh wait, the cocoa powder on top of my whip cream, they don't admit their lack of communication/show their true self to each other?

Please don't judge me. I'm not saying I'm selfless or how great a friend I am. I may be assuming too. I am a person who needs my friends. I want to be her bridesmaid when she gets hitched. But if things won't work out, it just won't.

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