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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Recent purchases + (500) days of Summer!

Long time no blog!
If I haven been so busy and tired most of the time, these photos would have been gradually uploaded instead of this photo dump post.

2 Sundays ago, I had the nicest breakfast in a long time.
Actually it was my first time having breakfast in a cafe!
Because my bf and I usually don't get up early enough for the breakfast menus in cafes/restaurant.
The coffee was goood and the bf like the green tea soup =)
The coffee was overly frothy though, I had to take the 3rd sip before i can get to the coffee.
But the froth is needed to create the heart shape that I like on top my coffee.

Last Tuesday, we went to a newly open Japanese restaurant.
They serve Japanese style home comfort food!
Even the seating remake a Japanese home.

I had Breaded chicken cutlet with fruit and vegetable sauce served with rice. The chicken is tender, juicy and crunchy at the same time! The tangy sauce goes really well.

The bf had this. Which I have forgotten what was it because mine was tastier.

I LOVE LOVE Japanese desserts! I will never miss the desserts whenever I have Japanese cuisine.

They say a pair of red shoes makes every outfit a DO!
It was on sale at Marks & Spencer. Good buy!
I have been wanting a pair of red shoes!

Kate cream eyeshadow (its really cream and not gel as stated!) and liquid eyeliner.

I am on a budget hence this instead of the Paul & Joe ones.

I got it in PU-1.
Very light shimmery purple.

I bought the lippie the next day after I blog about it.
Nude Rose.

Nudy pink on lips.
(Look at how tired I am)

I really like my Maquillage face creator and I want to use it for dates or special outings.
So I got this for everyday use to highlight my under eye area.

The limited edition Fiberwig!
It was on sale! I have to get it since I have been lemming for it.

Sorry that my swatches are so bad cause all pics are taken with my cell.
I am really bad at taking swatches and close ups.
I need a proper camera!

I just caught this yesterday.

I totally enjoy the movie.
I love

  • Tom. He is sooo cute in the movie. The earphones, the wavy and thin hair, the skinny ties,the narrow shoulder, the love lorn face.
  • Summer. No. Not the heart shaped birthmark, the smile, the crooky teeth, the 50's hairstyle. Wait. I do like her hair. Her outfits, her whimsical home, her deep voice, her cheeky personality.
  • soundtrack.
  • greeting cards company.(!!)
  • wedding setting in the frontyard.
  • the scene that divided expectations and reality.
It is a must watch!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Oh what happen to you?

I am secretly surfing the web cause I think I have done quite alot of work today. Haha.

So I have to share this picture of Lindsay Lohan with you!

What happen to her?
She was tearing about her Ungaro debut.
I have always like her. Actually, I still do.
I like her simplistic and classic style.
And I think she got a HAUT bod!

That's all. I just had to share.
poor girl.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Topshop is ♡

I almost forgotten how it feel likes to puke.

Not a nice feeling certainly. Waking up on a Saturday with a pounding head is not nice either.
Hanging around at the bf home without him make me feel worse.

Sober state.

I had a few hours to spare while he is working.
So, shopping!

These 3 dresses from Topshop caught my eye.
This is a simple one. I can wear it for work.
I can wear it several times without people knowing. Haha!

This is pretty! I am loving figure hugging tank dresses lately.
But a bigger upper chest will definitely look hotter in this dress. Haha!

I like this too. Vivi had a feature on dresses and skirts with bows some issues back.
The only thing that is stopping me from buying this is that I am afraid that it might go out of trend soon. But I won't mind wearing it even if it is not in fashion. Hmmm....
I am a living paradox.

I wanna buy all 3!
But of course I practice self control.
I ended up buying only 1 of them.
Guess which?
No prize though. Haha!
Which one do you like?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday blueee

I am sure my dad suffers from OPCD.

Just this morning, I could not find my postcards. I had placed them on the dining table last night, and it was gone this morning.
He is obsessed with everything at home.
He does not want my mum to do the dishes, to clean the house.
He thinks that it will not be done up to his standards. My mum would have gladly allow this.
But my dad actually does it worst compared to my mum. Or me!
He uses the same mop for the floor to clean the coffee table. !!!
He even needs to arrange my stuffs in my room, moving them from the dresser to the cupboard.
My brother and me are constantly searching for our stuffs at home.
The worst is, he even throws them away without asking us.
I specifically told him not to do my laundry but he does it anyway.
Resulting in my white tops being stained, my size XS tops into XL, or my favorite tops going out of shape.
It may sound funny. But living with someone like that is crazy.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough

I am surprised at how strong I was for that instant. To think I thought of that.
I seem to have a clearer idea of what I want. Hence, it all turn so sour.
I understand that you were trying. But you dont seem to understand how I was feeling.
My heart broke when I saw the vulnerable side of you.
I was crushed.
I dont want to see that side of you ever again.
How can I do that.

Sometimes love is all that matters.

From love + mini haul

This has got to be my most expensive haul ever.
But truth is I only paid $13. Thanks to the vouchers I got from working at the airport!
Here goes.

1. Clinique Derma White Bright C Powder Makeup (spf29)
2. Shiseido Maquillage Moisture Rouge (sheer) RS304
3. Dior 5 colour Eye Shadow in Night Butterfly.

I needed a powder foundation and decided on this because it was voted No. 1 of powder makeup in Voce magazine. And of course the sun protection that comes with it. I was never a Clinique fan because I do not like the laboratory concept.
I am no guru with regards to powder makeup. I prefer liquid because it gives you the very natural and glowy look. I am scare to see girls with such thick powder foundation! You can really see the powder that is slapped on her face!
Sadly, I think this is a little dark for my shade. I need a shade lighter.

This has got to be the most shimmery lippie I ever own! Not that I own alot to begin with. Haha.
It really live up to its name. It is very moisturising. It feel like a lipbalm. The shimmers help to fill up the lip lines too. I actually wanted PK705 but it was out of stock.

Look at the shimmer! Very natural colour. Matches with any look.

Are you ready?
Hold your breath!

Isn't this palette gorgeous? Sexy.Smokey.
I have been lemming for this forever. Yipppeeee!
Needless to say. Dior Eyeshadows are highly pigmented.
With my skills, I might waste this beautiful palette. Haha.

Other loves from my love.

2 newest addition to my soft toy collection from him.from his addiction to the claw vending machine.
I rather call it toy catching machine. Claw vending machine sounds like Jason's tool.

I took the lift with the cat that day.

I received this mailer the other day.
I love the lip colour!!!
Its from the Dsquared collection.


You cant choose your life.
Anger. Disappointment. More of anger.
Sometimes the simplest thing in life is the thing that you are deprived of.
You can only answer shut up when I asked you a question.
PLEASE. letithappensoon.

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