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Friday, February 26, 2010

Stripe On & What are they?

Remember I wanted to get a striped long sleeves from Mango a while back? But didn't get it because the cutting didn't really fit. I found another one from Zara that fits so well! All these coordinates from ViVi makes me feel that it was such a good buy though I'm really cash stripped now.

I have yet to finish flipping the mag so it was only just now that I found these few pages!

I like this coordinate(main pic) so much! And wanted to put together something similar. But I feel that my light washed denim shorts was too short, my high waisted denim was too dark.

So I ended up with this.
Then I realize just now that the 1st pic had a coordinate like this. And I'm so proud of myself. I should be a stylist. LOL. Which makes me think of another post I could write on.

(I am in love with the Cher handbag. Keke.)
Stripes on dresses! Look at the socks with heels. I think they are VERY cute. Although I know this socks+heels look has been around, I never dare to try it. But its too cute and it is definitely easy to put together, so I might try soon!

I'm loving these thick and big hairbow! I like that they are not those stiffy type of bows. They are not so 'well constructed', don't you think?

They are in ViVi too. Press for Rosebullet.
I think Marie looks kinda scary in this pic. In the next page(I didn't post it), she was also winking her eyes. Its just too much! Especially with the heavy eyemake.

Are the hair bows tied out of a bandanna?

I love these Mickey cropped sweat tees!! PLUS they comes with the hair bow thingy! Even though Rosebullet is sold here, it is so damn expensive.

If anybody knows where to get hold of these hair bows please let me know!

Please !! It's been SO hot that guess wad? I've got eczema. I'll talk about it in another post.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cher 15th Anniversary Mook + Sweet X Rich

Happy Kinokuniya Haul!

Sweet came with a little newsletter of Rinka's wedding!
Some scans.
I always like back view photos. Look at the romantic settings.

Keyword of her wedding plans.

She looks so prettyyy in that gown!!

Love the hand bouquet too.

A Rich Lunch Tote.

How cute is this?
The drawstring cloth is made of satin.

You open the box.

Nautical & denim is in now.

The inside of the pouch.

Inside of bag.

I saw this model before in Mini, and I don't think she's hot or cute or suitable for Cher line of clothes.

I get to go out that day because my brother was off. I got to give him some credit. He's been letting me go out whenever he's off. Hehe.

I finally know how to take a decent closeup of my eyemake!

It wasn't exactly finished. My lashes are not done yet. Haha.

Again, not the finished look. I have the tendency to apply lip products only after I leave the house!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Lunar New Year + OOTD

Today is the 7th day of the lunar new year, 人日 which is the common man's birthday. So, happy birthday! Haha.
This year my family didn't really celebrate cny. No new year goodies or reunion dinner. I was eating instant noodles on the eve of cny, which is the day where families have their reunion dinner. We didn't go visiting but some thoughtful relatives dropped by. My uncle and aunt visited from KL.

On the second day my uncle made Chicken Rice! Yes. Right from scratch.
the rice

the alittle bloody chicken

and this soup! It is oh so savory! There are pork ribs, chicken stock (not the ready made ones) and abalone 'essence'! Essence as in the liquid in the canned abalone. I don't know what to call it. Haha.

It was such a hearty meal. I was feeling a little undigested after that. Haha. My uncle wasn't very pleased with it, he said it will be yummier if he cooks it at home.

I managed to pay a visit to the bf's family. And get some ang po!! I need them badly, with no income now. Hahaha
I didn't specially buy any new clothes for cny. Remember this dress from Topshop? Yes. I have not worn it yet since I bought it months ago. I just could not bear to wear it.

With the biker jacket I got for 50%!

I planned to match it with this! But it was OOS at Gmarket when my order was placed.

Finally a pic with the bf! I can't remember the last time we took a pic together.

My dad have been very polite with me these few days. He have also become very emotional. He teared while watching tv dramas! My mum was so surprised. I'm positive it has got to do with my uncle's(his brother) visit. Nevertheless, I think its for the better. He changed a little. Just a little. But I'm thankful.

And I thank you girls for all your comments. Make me feel less like a sinner for complaining about my dad. Haha. All the encouraging words touched my heart. I too hope that something good will fall on me(I'm selfish) and my family soon.

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