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Monday, December 20, 2010

Weight Talk

There was a weight check today and *drum rolls* I GAINED WEIGHT!!
I am very pleased indeed.
I haven't gain any weight for around 10 years or more, and I know I am too skinny so imagine my joy when I found out I had put on so weight.

The last time there was a change in my weight was when I was 17 or 18, I can't really remember. That was a weight loss of around 3-5kg. Ever since then, I haven't gain any weight.

I'm actually quite worried about talking weight here but whatever makes me happy yeah? Ha.

Well.... maybe I should talk a bit about my lifestyle or eating habits?
I don't control what I eat or how often I eat or snack. Sometimes even when I am feeling full, I still can't help but snack a little. The only thing that I sometimes control is the time of my last snack or meal. I try not to eat anything too heavy after 8-9pm. But this is sometimes impossible especially in my previous job or when I was working those non office hours jobs, like when I was working as a part time waitress or sales assistant during school days.

I'm feeling hungry already! So I'm off to snacky snack and head to bed. Today is a super information overload day! My brain needs to zzz.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I am back

I know it has been ages since I last blog, I do apologise! Life have been a whirlwind these few months. In a good way!

Let me give you some updates.

Let me warn you first that, this post is BORING. I am just going on and on about my life now and there are only images of nothing but MY FACE.

The biggest change that has happened is that I have left my previous job. I really do like what I was there, pay was not too bad, boss acknowledges our hard work, colleagues were fantastic, hours are flexible. I did have to burn several weekends there.

Remember I said something about achieving something I really want in life on an earlier post? Yup, I am talking about my dream job! I am not sure how many of you would like to know what my dream job is...... but I will share nevertheless.

Cabin Crew. There. I've said it.

So I am now with Singapore Airlines, my national carrier. They have a very strict policy on blogging and even posting of photographs. So I will not talk too much about that.

I am still undergoing training at the moment. Office hours, Monday to Friday. My 'classmates' (they call it batch mate actually) are really fun people, they make me look forward to class everyday! The only thing that put me off about going for training is the SUPER STRICT rules and regulations they have. We are sort of like a uniform group anyway, so with any uniform jobs or careers, you are representing the company and we have to protect the company's image, so I do understand.

So with these strict rules, most of the office wear in my wardrobe is not appropriate for classes. To begin with I do not have much office wear! All my previous jobs do not require me to dress office wear really, only occasionally when we had to meet clients. I also had to get my hair cut and dyed.

This is how I have to look everyday from Monday to Friday.

The Chili red lip color is a must.

I actually quite like the blue eyeshadow There are some girls who just hates it.

I really rather not part my bangs but we have to show our brows.

There, so much better on days off!

Thank you for reading this boring post! I hope everyone is doing something that they enjoy now and is happy!

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