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Monday, November 14, 2011

Photo Diary - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam has got to be my favorite Europe city. It has a different vibe and pace. There is just something to it that I cannot put a finger on. Although I have been to several cities in Europe, but I am usually only there for a couple of days. Not enough to say I have seen all of the cities.

Here are some sights of Amsterdam.
Heineken Factory
One of the many many canals.
Bicycles are one of their common form of transport.
Just across the hotel, a quaint pancake cafe that only opens in Summer.
The inside
Cafes & bakery
Doing what the locals do
Starting the 9 streets walk.
The kitty was sleeping so soundly behind the window display.
I got these from the store. I must add they ain't cheap.
Pre-loved books
Amsterdam is one good place for vintage shopping.
I did not manage to slowly browse the store as I was with a friend and I did not want him to wait too long. Those quilts and blankets look like something I will buy.
Home decor!
I got some little stuffs for my future home.
I love this sparkling version! But I cannot seem to find it in other Europe cities.
Netherland people dress well.
Pretty cupcakes.

This is one big photo post!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Outfit post in Tokyo

We visited Tokyo at the wrong time. There was typhoon warnings and it never stopped raining. Damn. Although we did enjoyed the trip, but I believe we would have visited more places if it wasn't for the rain. The weather was also cooler than we thought. Somehow, when the weather forecast predicted 24degree C, it just doesn't feel like it! I think it is just Tokyo. The last time when I was there for a flight, I under packed as well.

So, this is just a post on the outfits I wore for the trip.

Transiting in Hong Kong.
Took a short nap after checking in. Head out for dinner and some shopping near our hotel area in Shinjuku. Taken in Muji.
Waiting for the train in Shinjuku.
Finally, it was not raining. But the moment we stepped out of Uniqlo, it started to rain.
It got too chilly, and I ended up wearing another cardigan and a black leggings.
Finally, the typhoon left and the sky was clear and blue. But sadly, it was our last day as well.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sales Post

There are times when I just buy stuffs without thinking if I would really use them or would I ever finish using them. Especially cosmetics. Now as I fly around so often, my purchases just gets more!

Here are some items that I figured it should go to someone who would actually show them more attention.

TO BUY, simply click on the Paypal button. Prices does not include shipping. I will be using Speedpost Express or Speedpost EMS. To estimate shipping cost, kindly refer to this website. The items below are all very light, so I feel shipping should not be very costly.

Happy Shopping!


Details: In OR210
Condition: Brand new in box
Price: USD$5


Details: In 09 Midnight Shine
Condition: Used 3x
Price: USD$15


Details: In 400
Condition: Brand new in box
Price: USD$5


Details: In 01
Condition: Brand new in box
Price: USD$10


Condition: Brand new
Price: USD$10

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Being in the mood again.

I am in the midst of annual leave and basically I am doing notthing much, just enjoying the day to day stuffs. Coming back to my own place, being in my own white, full of sunlight bedroom makes me feel.... relaxed. And makes me want to blog again! I know I used to blog more often, on random purchases, thoughts, anything. But when I'm staying at the bf's place, I just don't have the mood to blog.

One reason I feel it's because I dont have a place/spot where I can take photos nor do I have bright, sunny light flowing through the window. I mean light is everything to achieve nice photos! At least to me it is.

I hope I can come back more often.

Plan to cook something for the bf and me during this leave period.

You know I can never stop buying lingerie and panties. I just got 5 from Victoria Secrets on my trip to SFO and here I am buying these.

Got a boardshorts since I forsee a diving trip coming up. Plus, I have been going to Wavehouse in Sentosa.

Got this at 80% off in San Francisco. It was the last one. What a good buy!

I've got some items that I'm thinking of selling but since I haven't been blogging much on cosmetics, I'm not sure if anyone would know about it. Should I?

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