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Friday, April 30, 2010

The bf birthday

Sorry I haven't been active online! I am not getting any internet connection back at home hence I haven't been blogging! Anyone miss me yet? So I am blogging from the bf's place now. Last week was his birthday! But honestly I feel so bad for not doing anything special or going any where fun with him! I'm sorry xxxx! His birthday was on Sunday and he was working over that weekend too.

I cooked some Cha Soba for dinner.

He told me that it should be spread out to cook like that.

No. I didn't cook the tempura or made the sushi.

I tried the rice cooker cake recipe I saw from Yumeko the next day.

I added 4 teaspoons of green tea powder but we still can't taste the green tea in the cake.

Quite a success? Aside from the green tea flavoring.

Then we had Japanese food for dinner.

My Tonkatsu with curry!!

I love the salads. After I finish this 'dark greens'.....

I had this 'light greens'. The salads/cabbages are free flow. I had my bowl topped up thrice!

A little close up.

The bf had this. The serving is huge! I cant finish mine and he was so stuffed after he finish his.

Hope this post isn't too boring. Nothing beauty related yet again. I'm a foodie sometimes. I hope I can blog more often if my connection comes back! Have a great weekend!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

OOTD + purchases

I finally get some internet connection! Work's been busy. Haven't been up to anything exciting so I'll leave you with some haul photos!

Went to the Billabong sale! Have I mentioned that I am going to Bali with the bf and friends this July? So more bikinis to add to my collection! They were like 70 - 80% off! How can I resist?

This actually doesn't fit quite well after I tried on it properly at home. There was a long queue at the fitting room so I briefly tried it on and thought after some tying and adjusting it should probably fit. The bottom doesn't hug my butt very well.

I love the little heart charm in the center! I think I will end up wearing the top only.

A denim vest finally. 50% off!

OOTD. This was last week's ootd and the haul was 2 weeks ago.

Some food porn! The bf love this Japanese eatery. They have the best ice green tea!! They change their menu too!
The Yakiniku was alright only, but the agedashi tofu was good!

The bf's. The tori kara was yummmm!

Hope everyone is doing fine

Monday, April 12, 2010

Brighter Sky

Photo credit: Katarina

This week past in a flash. Last Thursday was the highlight of the week. It was a day that involved a lot of signatures. I signed an employment letter. Yes!! I found a job! Well.... the Zoo did not call me back. Anyway, this position doesn't require me to clock in at 9. Which I feel a little bitter sweet about. Not coming in at 9 naturally means not leaving by 6. But I do not have to squeeze with the morning office crowd and end up feeling like I ran 10km when I reach my office.

Then I signed more papers and documents. With the bf. Guess guess. Signing papers with the bf? What kind of documents do you sign with a bf? Yes!! We got our own place! Well.... in 5 years time that is. The flat is being build now and it will take 5-6 years before the building is done and ready to move in. This means so much to me and my bf.... having a place of our own. I'm sure I've mentioned before why so. For me. As for the bf.... I shall not say his story.
So if this blog is still here 5 years later, I will show you guys my home!

Life's pretty good now. The cup of water tastes sweet.

Sorry that my posts recently are not fashion/beauty related! The next one will be!

Photo credit: the selby

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How well do you know yourself?

Does the title sound emo or wad? LOL.

So how well do you think you know yourself? Or sometimes you know yourself but you just hate to admit it. Since you won't admit it, it has to be a bad side of you. Yes. Don't deny. It is.
Like me. I hate to admit it, but I am a selfish person sometimes. I am so self-centered. Sometimes. Haha. Ok. But I KNOW I am selfish. Wtf. Can I not type that again.

Other times you really don't know yourself. This happens to me. And who is the one that knock some sense into you and remind you that 'why are we having this conversation/argument again?'
This person is the person that you unbashfully show your true self to. You got reminded of who you are or what you need at the expense of hurting that person. In that way, you are being selfish.

So today I learned that I am a girl who needs assurance about the future and must be constantly reminded that I am assured and safe and secure for the future. Not that the giver is not giving me assurance, but me, ever so often needs to be reminded.
It is like I have a heartshaped assurance screw screwed to my arm, but it gotten lose over every 3months. And it needs a heartshaped screwdriver to tighten it. (Whuu... another tatt inspiration! a set of heartshaped screw and screwdriver!)

So, am I making sense?
Tomorrow is a very important day. Busy day too. Looking forward.

I you, heartshaped screwdriver.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pink Leopard Nails + sketches

Just had my wisdom tooth surgery done yesterday (YES!! I've done it!!) so I am currently resting at home. Not meeting the bf today though it is his off day. So no OFTD or FOTD posts. Being a responsible blogger,(LOL. ) I will leave you with this post instead!

Do you like leopard print? I do!!! But I have no accessories, bags or clothes with leopard print. Why? Because the bf hates them. Hahaha. I won't wear leopard print clothing though because I am afraid I might end up looking trashy or just plain not nice. I did came across a leopard print chain handbag in a flea market with my bff before but she managed to convinced me not to get it. So right now, I own nothing with leopard print. I won't mind a leopard print mirror or camera casing or ....

ok. Onto the main topic. A little amateur nail tutorial.

Products used. From L - R.
The Face Shop RD 303
The Face Shop PK 108
O.P.I Princess Rule!
Orly Top2Bottom

After the base coat, apply Princess Rule! It is so so sparkly!! This is 2 coats. I love applying sparkly nail polish because unlike cream ones, you can't tell it if you didn't apply evenly.

Next, I used The Face Shop PK 108 to make random dots.

Then I applied Tha Face Shop Rd 303 around or close to the pink dots made earlier. Randomly done. I am using the brush directly. Because I got no nail art pen or whatsoever!

With flash.

In natural light.
I am sure you can find other tutorials or videos for this and they will be so much more professional than mine!

My bff asked me to draw some sketches for her. So here they are. I can't remember the last time I drew! It felt therapeutic as usual. I like or can only draw in the afternoon where there is lots of natural light or sunshine.

edited: my bff said she thought the above 2 was traced....... ok. I shall take it as a compliment. Haha. Pencil shadings, outlined with black pen does give that effect. Those below are not outlined with black ink.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Life just isn't a bed of roses

Sorry this is a no-photo post! I am basically whining. So skip this post if you don't want to hear me whine!

Honestly, I think nobody understand or 'feel' this quote better than me. I have seen so many downs in life. Unbeatable track record.

Now that I haven't got a job, I am spending so much money on my health. The bf paid $190 for my previous trip to the dermatologist. And guess what's next?
My wisdom tooth. 2nd time.
It almost killed me the past few days. Thank god the swelling is subsiding now. So the surgery is scheduled on Monday. I am petrified. Needless to say the 1st time was hell. I was crying in the dental chair and squeezing the dentist hands. I remember they had to inject the anesthetic several times throughout the surgery.
Then my rashes seem to be coming back. I am thinking I am probably allergic to the painkillers. Aside from my rashes, my eyelids are getting a little red and swollen. I am getting all these little bumps on my face. They are hardly visible but I can feel it when I wash or touch my face.
Sigh.... big sigh... what is wrong with me??
The bf said I am a sick chicken.

I am going to watch Clash of the Titans later tonight! It is Good Friday tomorrow. Hope everyone have a great long weekend!!

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