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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Upset skin Upset me

Growing up my skin have always been relatively good.

but nowadays, its been giving me problem.
It's getting really sensitive.
Little pimples or bumps are popping out randomly.

I am wondering if its the products that I am using on my face now...
Or even the makeup! I don't used to put as much makeup now as before.
Or the stress and lack of sleep from my new job.

I had plan to post my beautiful mini haul.
But I am too upset to do so now. Yes. This is a rambling post.

Share with me if you have had the same experience!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I can foresee in future there will be alot of entries titled "recently". LOL.
I am beginning to find that office hours are boring like hell.
Like yesterday, after catching a movie and dinner, all the shops were closed!
There was nothing left to do! I had wanted to pop by Mark & Spencer. Boo whoo.

Anyhow, caught Thrist with boyfriend.
You can only watch this with your boyfriend. Really.
I quite like Sympathy for Lady Vengeance so I have to catch this.
Moreover, this film won the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival this year.
But its much heavier than the latter. Intimate scenes or the bloody scenes.
Yesterday I wore. Cher again. LOVE>
Shiseido x Alexander Wang.
Subtle. Earthly. Browns. Womanly.
The advertisements are huge! It encompass the whole entrance of the train station entrance.

I always like his designs. Not that I can afford them.

Cher lunch tote!
Last weekend.

My first dog show.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cher A/W '2009

Over the week, I had this really yummy japanese ice cream at Ion!
It's suppose to be black tea flavoured according to the lady.
But it taste more like kuru sato 黒糖.
Nevertheless it was good!!

This was breakfast. This is the first time I added fruits into yogurt.
I usually just eat off the tub. That morning in the office I actually bothered to cut some.

I got my Cher finally!
I was lemming for them since their Volume 1, 2008-2009 A/W collection,

then came the Volume 2, 2009 S/S collection.

Now its their Volume 3, 2009-2010 A/W collection!

Volume 3 has got to be the best buy of all!
Yipee! Im glad I hold on.
This will their last issue that comes with the eco bags so get them before they are all gone!
I like the Volume 2 too... the colours are sooo sweet!

So this issue came with a small lunch bag and a big tote.
I've been carrying the lunch bag out for lunch. LOVE.

I carried the big one yesterday!
Couldn't get a OFTD pic.

I have to take a pic of myself with the headband! cos I like it soo much!!
I got it from H&M in Hong Kong so many months back and I only wore it today.

I met up with my dearest SX last night.
After so many meet ups, we finally remember to get a pic!

It was nice to see him. He's full of bulls. Telling me about S class?! I almost doze off when he tell me the interior of the car, backseats and all.
Silly him.

Alrite! Im going to go get ready to head out.
The bf's bringing me to ice skate!
I've never ice skate before!
Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Meme Award

Thanks Jae for the award! So nice of you!

So Im suppose to share my 7 traits.

1.I am a girly girl. I like to be coax, pampered and taken care of.
2.I am indecisive. Im like that in small issues like what to have for lunch.
3.I have big reactions. I laugh loudly, get excited easily.
4.I am a touchy person. I think it's a bad trait. Is it? I tend to do that to people I am close with or could connect to.
5.I worry alot.
6.I am very emotional. I cry very easily. Reading Kite Runner and The Time Traveller's Wife on the train was torturous.
7.I am candid. I can't pretend to like someone when I don't. I cant be bothered to wear a mask and be nice. I know this is more of a bad trait. Especially in this society. Ironically, I want to do PR.

I nominate anyone who wish to let me know more about you!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sweet Sept '09 + silly me

So work is not as slack as I thought.BUSY BUSY.
At least time pass fast. Guess wad, I got to work through the weekends.
But I think it's gonna be fun. Dog shows!

After work yesterday, I met my bf for dinner.
We were at one of my fave Japanese eatery. Their food never disappoint.
Til yesterday.
The chicken in my yaki udon wasn't cooked! I pondered for awhile before telling the server. And before I could tell her that I do not need a new one, it was in the bin already.
I don't get to finish the rest of the udon and Im not totally full.
After that, she did not offer to replace me with something else.
I was telling my bf how bad the service is, and forget about it.
After a while, the boss I think offered to replace the bad yaki udon!
He asked me what I want and I said "4 little sushi."

We saw him preparing some neat looking sushi and the next thing I know, he pass it over to us.
This was what he came up with.

He then told me to eat from the right to left. This is because the taste gets stronger as you eat. The salmon belly was the best I've ever tasted! The last one on the left was smoked duck. Wow. I've never had smoked duck sushi. But I still prefer the usual seafood or raw sushi.

I wasn't expecting such sushi when I told him 4 small sushi!

He apologies numerous time for the bad yaki udon. I was so happy with the service at that point of time. We then ask for the bill and left the eatery.
To cut the story short, I thought the sushi was on the house but apparently it wasn't! I felt so cheated and ask my poor bf to check with him. No refund, no mistake. It is suppose to be charged. I was so disgusted.

I then look at the receipt again and realise the yaki udon however wasn't charged! So naturally everything's fine and its all because of me. My bf on the other hand knew that it wasn't charged all along. And he had to go and check it out. I feel so bad for him. But he just laughed it off. Sorry baby!

Ok. Enough reading.

Manage to grab a copy of Sweet finally.
It's my first copy and Im liking it. Im getting a little sick of ViVi.

And to my surprise, AngelaBaby is featured!
I knew she was gonna appear in Sweet, just wasn't expecting to be this issue.

I love her.

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