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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Should I do more FOTD posts?

Life is pretty boring these days for me. I have been sending resumes and watching dramas. Nothing productive! There is nothing else I could ask for except for an interview for a position in the industry that I longed to work in. But yesterday I went for an interview at the Zoo! It was quite exciting. I was hoping they would call me and they did! It is quite difficult to get shortlisted for an interview at the Zoo so it was totally unexpected. Well.... we'll see how it goes.

I don't even know if you guys like to see my face or a FOTD post. But since I have already taken these photos, i might as well do a post. I can always just delete it. HAHAHA.
Please let me know if you like to see this type of post?

My lashes are so sparse compared to Ai's! I really love Ai's lashes!

On cheek.
I used the highlighter from the Maquillage Face Creator for my under eye area and nose bridge.

On eyes.

On lips.

My first nude pink lipstick.
#01 Pink Sand from Estee Lauder Signature Lipstick.
It is very creamy and one of my favorite lipstick!

Finished look.

I'm wearing a F21 Heritage denim romper from Tori!

Lastly, my package has finally reached into the safe arms of Jenny! I am so happy that she likes the dress and everything else that was in the package! It really made my day when I read about it on her blog! Hehe! I love how the dress looks on her!

Please contact me if you wish to get your hands on dresses like that. =)

And and!! I want to thank all my new followers and followers for reading, commenting and following my humble blog. I really am very thankful that I got 30 followers now!
I started off blogging without thinking that anyone would be interested in my life or what I wear or buy.... so this is all very encouraging and fun! HAHAHA.

Thank you all!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

You always want something you can't get

1. H&M Garden Collection

2. MilkFed


Last week.
They were 70% off!


Monday, March 15, 2010

Haul + OOTD

It is not exactly a haul since I purchased them one at a time over the months.

I wouldn't have purchase the Canmake Powder cheek in PK20 if I had found the Cream Cheek in #03 Strawberry Whip first. I wanted a blush that screams PINK!!!
Then theres the Coffret D'or eyebrow mascara and I finally got my hands on an eyeshadow primer. No more smudgy eyeshadow on my left eye!
Can you see the shiny gold little box??
Yippeeee!!! I have been lemming for her for forever.

Some room wear that the bf bought for me.

MICKEY!! I think I will actually wear this out with some layering.

This booties came a few weeks ago. As my first choice was OOS, this was my alternative one.

On his off day last week.
I really only have 1 long dress so I wore this with a tee to cover up my damn rashes. Jeans are no no with the rashes.

But the bf doesn't like it!! He can't stop laughing. So we went to shop for a new outfit. I know tights aren't very airy too.

So he suggested I should ask you lovelies which outfit looks better!!?? I welcome all criticisms.
I would love to match it with a denim jacket. Or maybe a denim vest.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Some Angelababy

I recently watched 2 movies that Angelababy starred in.
矮仔多情 or Short of Love. Cast includes Wong Cho-Lam who is dead funny, and Race Wong, another of my gal admiration.

Hot Summer Days.

Supposedly, she did not wear any makeup for her role. Hmm... I believe she still wore some light loose powder and did some concealing?

I always wished that I have some freckles. Freckles are so cute. But of course we all know freckles are actually pigmentation. It will look cute now but wait till we hit 30+, the cute little freckles will not be so cute anymore.

I will attempt to draw some next time! When I feel like I can face the world again....

Yippee! Two of my favorites together! For Tokyo Girls Collection.

How pretty is she

Lastly, a very cute TVC for Docomo. Old English Sheepdog!!

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