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Friday, April 15, 2011

Sights of Christchurch, New Zealand.

Some sights of Christchurch.
The resort I stayed at was gorgeous.
View from the living room.
I was staying in one of the houses. They even had a car park lot for each house.
Spinach and chicken quiche from the supermarket for breakfast.OOTD.
Beautiful and serene lake just opposite the house I was staying.
Don't misunderstood my facial expression, the food was yummy!
Sticky date pudding with vanilla ice cream! Soooo good and servings was huge.
Went to the International Antarctica Center and met some penguins there!
A backstage pass allows you to meet a penguin up close! She was one of the most popular penguin in the Center!

Hopped on to one of the Hagglund Ride! The high impact ride allows you to feel how the ride would be like if you ride on the snow in Antarctica.
The Untied States Antarctica Program is an organization that co-ordinates research and operational activities in the Antarctica.

Cute looking sign.
Sunset. At the vast and empty car park in the airport.
Wines are cheap there! In comparison to Singapore.
A few souvenirs for friends to bring home.

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