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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Merry Christmas

My Christmas pressie from the bf

Hope everyone will a warm and fab Christmas!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Late night weekday movie

I got home at around 3am in the morning.
This was the first time I got back SO late on a working weekday!
That was because Avatar only had good seats at 10plus.
Anyway, the movie was fantastic.
I find it alil slow but overall its good!

Lately my complexion is getting worse. I mentioned that in an earlier post too.
In between then and now it did recovered abit, but its back now.
My bff said 'since when you got these bumps on your face?'
AND AND AND there is this pimple
on my right cheek that never NEVER heals!!!
The bumps are usually around the eyebrow, which I don't understand why.
Could it be due to the trimming of the brows? So the skin gets irritated?

now u see it

now u dont.

Ice cream makes everything better.

Christmas is just a few days away!!

Friday, December 18, 2009


Not for the weak hearted.
Not for the lipstick lover.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Magazine Haul

it is only after I posted these pictures then I realize that I lost my Non-no!
I searched high and low but I just could not find it.
This is one of the good issue with lots of information on hair tutorial....
I might just have to repurchase it.
Non-no where are you?
Steady. December 09
Sweet pastel colour pouches! From HbG.
I think I want this for my birthday pressie! But that is like another 3 months.
Coach new collection! I am not a fan of Coach BUT this does not even look likes it from Coach.

bow_darkred_nw.gif picture by rene_ling85

Friday, December 4, 2009

Angelababy MV in Japan

bow_blue_nw.gif image by rene_ling85 If you don't already know, I totally adore Angelababy.jumpnotes.gif image by rene_ling85
She is huge now in Japan. I think it is no mean feat to be famous in Japan.
More over from Hong Kong to Japan.

Here's her first music video in Japan.
For band Remioromen.
Erm, I don't know who are they actually.
Please tell me if anyone of you do!
Maybe I should ask Eki or Yumeko.smile.gif image by rene_ling85

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Snip snip

New haircut!キラキラ
Hmmm.... I do like it but every time I flip Nonno or Vivi I start to regret.
I needed to do something to my hair badly, it was getting so thick.
My head hurts every time i tied my hair up in a ponytail.
I really wanted to keep it long again.
So I went to my stylist and told her I just needed a trim and I wish to keep it long.
She told me my hair was not out of shape, it was just very very thick.
Then advise me to rebond it like before if I wish to keep it long.
I wanted my hair long but natural.
Rebonding it will yes, flatten it but it will be unnaturally straight.

I think its called inverted bob.
Isn't it so Victoria Beckham?
I really rather prefer a softer cut.
Oh well.... I'll just wait for it to grow.
Meanwhile I will enjoy the fuss free new haircut!
Shorter blow drying time and styling time.
I can even save my shampoo and conditioner!
I sound like an 'auntie'!smile.gif image by rene_ling85

Posing with my early Xmas pressie from the bf! ドキドキ
It's the Guava moisturizer from Korres! 音譜

The bf had this.
The dumpling was yummy! Very thin and delicate skin.
The fried noodle was a let down.
It tasted like Xing Zhou Mee Fen.

Some weeks ago. At Mango
I wanted to get a nautical stripe top but this does not look nice on me.
I love this and it only cost S$20.にひひ

What hairstyle do you always want to get? But have yet to?
I want to know!

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