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Monday, August 31, 2009

Ready or not

My job at the airport is over. And my new job is starting tomorrow.
Having butterflies in my stomach.
It's a whole new thing for me.
I never wanted an office bond job.
But this is life. Its not always what you want.

Heyheyhey! Not a time to get all depressed Serene!
You'll never know what's gonna happen.
Yes! Afterall,I get to sit by the comp all day,
which means more time to blog, read blogs and shop online!

Another thing that is bugging me is that I do not have appropriate attires for work!
My wardrobe is filled with denim hot shorts, denim skirts, tanks and tees.
I've only got a few pieces of shirt and 1 or 2 pencil skirt and no pants.

Im gonna wear this tomorrow.

Did my nails.

Wish me luck!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Cherie

It's my best friend, Cherie's birthday!
I treat her to a makeover at Bobbi Brown!

This is the first time I see her with full makeup!
Looking gorgeous!

And guess wad?
Cherie doing a makeover for Cherie!

There was a little japan feast at the supermarket.

Korean bbq for dinner.
Its not as good as I thought.
I've yet to find one really good Korean bbq restaurant. Hmpf.


Im using my new Kate eye palette.
But it's so difficult to take a good pic of the makeup!
The colours just don't show.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Recent buys and Carbon Footprint

Im finally back at my home. I've been at my bf's place because of work and finally I've got a few off days in a row. I don't like to come back home sometimes.
Nothing to do with my parents or anything. Some other issues.
But other than those issues, I love to be back because it is still my home.
I can watch the tv anytime. I like my couch better.
I got all my coffee and tea in my cupboard.
But most importantly, I can use my laptop!
Because my bf's younger bro park at the comp 24/7.

Which bring me to the topic of Carbon Footprint.
Carbon Footprint is the total set of greenhouse gas emmission causes by an individual or organization.
I think my bf's family have to plant 1000000 trees to offset their carbon footprint.
I get really annoyed when they do not off their switches.
The kids would on the tv, the comp, the fan, the lights when they are in the living room.
Half of the time, nobody is actually watching the tv or using the fan in the living room.
What's worse if that they'll not off anything and go to bed. Grrrrrr.....
When I let know to my bf, he said that they are brought up this way.
I can't stand pampered kids.
And I thought it was just the kids. But boy was i wrong.
Even my bf's parents do the same thing.
The one that wakes up in the middle of the night to off all the switches is the grandma.
Im brought up to off the lights when I leave a room and to off the water heater when Im done showering. My dad of course wasn't thinking about GHG but bills. HAHA.

You can calculate your Carbon Footprint here if you are interested!

OK! Enough reading.
Here are some recent purchases and random pictures.

Some hair products. Both from Liese.
They look so cute!

Check this out.

1. Kanebo Tiffa Rose bodybutter
2. L'Occitane Rose Hydrating Face Mist
3. Kate Diamond Cut

Yes. I love rose scented products!

From ViVi.
A look created with the eyeshadow palette!

Talking about looks.
I love these looks!
How about you? Let me know what to buy to create these looks please!

I like the eyeshadow colour.
Its not like brown but not like orange too.
It did say it was created with the Lunasol palette,
but it's too pricey!

Uber cute pink cheeks!! I love it!
Sexy nude lips and bronze cheeks.

My bf look so funny cos his plastic glasses are reflective.

Lastly, I want to thank fuyumini for giving me

Thanks sweets! For thinking of me!

I don't know who to give to because not much bloggers know me and vice versa.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cure Natural Aqua Gel

I bought this recently as I am out of an exfoliating scrub.
It is made with 90% acidic free water without preservatives.
In Japan, it is said that 1 bottle is sold every 30 seconds.
This is without any advertising efforts or celebrity endorsement.

Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Acrylates/c10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, Dicocodimonium chloride, Steartrimonium bromide, Aloe babadensis extract, Ginkgo biloma extract, Rosemary leaf extract, Butlyene glycol.

It is like a gel when pumped out.

After massaging it onto your skin, it turns liquid like and
dissolve into little white residues.

I really love how gentle it is on the skin and after washing it off,
my skin is instantly smoother and brighter.
And I mean really smooth and soft.

And you know how important it is to remove those dead skin cells in order for any serums and moisturiser to penetrate and absorb by your skin.

However, it did not do much for blackheads.
But I've only used it twice...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day out!

On Tuesday, bf and I went for a movie and a little shopping.
We caught a Chinese movie,
it has been a long time since we watch a chinese one.
How I wish Hong Kong movies are not dubbed.

Produced from the team behind Infernal Affairs and Protege,
Overheard is a financial thriller about stock market manipulation.
Overall a very impressive cast lineup.
Even the supporting actors and actresses are faces that you will be familiar with.
Like Alex Fong Chung Sun whom I like too!
Lead actors and actress are from Protege,
Daniel Wu, Louis Koo and Zhang Jingchu.

I think Zhang Jingchu's really a looker.
Probably because of how her character look in Protege.
Those dark smudgy black rimmed eyes and limp hair.

I also like how Louis Koo is portrayed in the movie.
So aged and worn out.
Overall, I like this film. Tight story and gloomy tone.
Catch it!

Head to Kinokuniya and picked up Nonno.
Larry bought his first japanese magazine with an X-Large accessorize.
Yesterday he even went online to check the previous issues of the mag and the freebies.
I know he's gonna be going back for more issues.
Yeah! finally he understand why I am buying magazines so much!
One more shared interest!

I only bought 1 mag! So discipline. Im proud of myself.

It came with a Ribbon hair clip from Lowry's Farm!
I've been obsessed with ribbons and bows lately.

Previous buy

I wore it that day.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Skincology + HABA White Lady

The previous package I received was the Skincology Astanxanthin Age Defying Creme.
It's an anti aging and anti oxidant moisturiser.
It's suppose to help in pigmentation and uneven skin tone.
Recommended for dehydrated skin and for those who wish to have radiant skin.

Then I received another package!
I love receiving packages and parcels!

It's my Advanced Hydrating C Whitening Complex II.
I've been lemming for a whitening serum and this was my second alternative.
It contains high potency Vitamin C Glucoside and Hyaluronic acid.
I especially love that it contains sweet orange oil(Citrus Aurantium) and lemon oil(Citrus Limonum) in the serum.

My bf was so sweet and surprise me with this!

The whitening serum that I've been eyeing for like months!
But it was pricey so I went to order the Skincology Whitening Complex.
The next day after my bf surprise me, the Skincology arrived in the mail.

Now I got both of them!
Im using the White Lady now. So far so good.
After the first application, my skin was brighter the next morning I woke up.

I'll review on them soon!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Tagged: 6 Things That Make Me Happy

Oh my. It's the first thing that comes to my mind.
I just think that love is so important!
Any kind of love. Bgr love. Friendship love. Kinship love.
It makes me feel wanted by someone. Geee...

2. Good food
I love to eat. Eating yummy food makes me happy!
I always feel very contented if I get to eat whatever that I was craving for.

3. Shopping
Haha. I know this is so bimbo tic!
This pic was taken when I was in Hong Kong earlier this year with my bf ♡.

4. Long Vacation
Reminds me of my all time favorite classic Japanese drama, Long Vacation. Haha.
Traveling is one of life's luxuries! This is Hong Kong again.
Yes. I've only been to Hong Kong. The world is so vast. There are still so many countries waiting for me to explore. One day, I'll earn enough for me to travel to more countries!

5. A good night sleep
I hardly sleep well. It always takes me hours before I doze off.

6. Gifts
Giving and receiving presents makes me happy.
Everybody loves presents! Right?

Thanks Fuyumini, for the tag!
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