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Monday, July 27, 2009

Miracles in life

I went to visit a good friend yesterday at the hospital.

She became a mother.
Looking at her carrying her baby in her arms,
a wave of emotions swept over me.
This is one of the miracles in life, isn't it?
My friend and her husband have created a life.
And she have reached another chapter in her life.
I wish her and her new family the best of health and a eternity of happiness.

I got an invitation to the 1st anniversary party of Benefit.
But it was a miserable 'party'.
Pathetic cupcakes. Bottles of juices.
No comfy sofas to seat. No DJ.
No promotional prices on their products.
Only promotional sets which cost up to hundred odd.
You practically stand around at their counters and do nothing.
I was there for like a good hmmm... 7 mins? and I was outta there.

The door gift. At least their samples look cute.

I understand from Shermaine that you get these when you purchase online.
I haven't bought their stuffs online before. I only got their Realness of Concealness,
which I asked a friend to buy for me before Benefit was launched in Singapore.
And I don't think I'll be buying any of their products soon too.

Dinner with my gfs.
Have fun in Korea, Birdy!!



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