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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Friends or foes?

Stacy Lockwood: [to Angela before leaving the car] You're weirder than I thought. - A Friend to Die For, 1994.

I don't even know how to begin. Work is stressful enough. And now, this.
Who will you call a friend? or even best friend? I think the bf and I are really suited for each other in this aspect. We are too good a friend to our friends and best friends. This may all sound childish you think. HA. What best friend?! You are well over your teen age to be troubled over friendship! HA. But let me just say, either you have no true friends, can't admit this fact, not a good friend material yourself, don't need friends, or so damn lucky that you and your bff or bmf are just meant to be!

Friendships problems always gets to me. After all these years, I've learn enough. If it can affect you so much, it only means that you had cared a lot and you had done a lot. You made sacrifices and done so much for the friend, but only to get nothing in the end. You expected the same from him/her, but you get none. Of course, expectations only lead to disappointments. Unless you are so selfless. To make all these even worst, like a double blow, is that your friend took all that for granted.

When you decided to not stood up for him/her once, finally, he/she blew his/her top. Then it hits you. Hard. That this 'friend' is just plain selfish. The friend don't see what you have done for him all these while, he only see what you didn't do for him this time round.

Imagine all these situations plus additional 'combos'. That this friend is not alone, he/she have a similar partner. Or how about all these have some blood relationship tangling somewhere. And even, they are all bff and bmf of each other. Plus, a protective one who always give grey answers. Last but not least, the whip cream on top of my caramel latte, their lack of communication among themselves created problems for other. Oh wait, the cocoa powder on top of my whip cream, they don't admit their lack of communication/show their true self to each other?

Please don't judge me. I'm not saying I'm selfless or how great a friend I am. I may be assuming too. I am a person who needs my friends. I want to be her bridesmaid when she gets hitched. But if things won't work out, it just won't.


Eileen June 3, 2010 at 5:28 PM  

im having some friendship issues too. so, you're not alone. hah. in my case, i realised my best friends are not so best friend after all. i do wish to be their bridesmaid too in the near future, but you're so right, 'if things won't work out, it just won't'.
so, don't let this kinda thing bring you down. cheer up babe!

Yumeko June 6, 2010 at 1:24 AM  

first of all HUGS
second of all, i feel i dont get friendships sometimes. A lot of times once i stop putting the effort in, the other party doesnt bother either

thankfully for the SOs right?

rene June 7, 2010 at 9:36 PM  

Hi Eileen, how sucky right? But I wrote that when I'm feeling the extreme. So it may sound very bad. Haha. Hope things are well by now.

Hi Yumeko, I feel you. HUGGIES. So I just stop putting in any effort. I came to realized that they might not be worth my time/love after all.

YES. Thankfully for the SO!

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