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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Messy post of Delhi and OOTD.

Happy Lunar New Year! I finally found some time to blog. Just a short post and photos from New Delhi. Didn't get to do much, grab lunch and headed back to the hotel to rest.

He was standing at the entrance of the restaurant welcoming guests.
The interior of the restaurant is very 'India'. Looks like those restaurants you see on travel program.
The food is soooo good!
And cheap. We only paid around SGD10 each for 2 servings of Garlic Nann, Butter Chicken and Briyani. 1 order of Chicken Fry, Tandoor Chicken with Cheese and Cream. I think there were some other dishes.
They were roaming around the streets. When I moved closer to get a closer shot, they ran away.
Awww..... aren't they cute? As with every destination I go, pictures of stray dogs.
Love the hotel's bathroom! OOTD.
New Cher bag! I'm sorry I forgot which magazine it came with! I don't have the magazine with me now, I will come back and edit once I know.
Some buys from the Supermarket. Those Lays chips are not mine!
Yup, the Cher bag is 2 way! You can use it folded up like the photo above or enlarge it like here.That is it for Delhi.

Some outfit posts.
OOTD for second day of CNY.Love maxi dresses and skirts. Although this was taken some time back already.Back to work tomorrow. It is gonna be long long days at training school until graduation on Friday!


Witoxicity February 22, 2011 at 4:20 AM  

It sure looks like you had a very interesting time ushering in the Lunar New Year. Love the interior of the restaurant there! You look great in the maxi skirts. :)

Jenny February 23, 2011 at 5:04 AM  

Love your ootd esp. the last two!!! Wow that hotel is fantastic!

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