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Saturday, February 26, 2011

My first store purchase of Victoria's Secret

All these times, I do own a few items from Victoria's Secret. I got them either online or from friends when they visited the States. The only Victoria Secrets Store we have in Singapore is in Resort World Sentosa.

I do love Victoria's Secret but only the PINK collection in particular catches my attention most of the time. I think it has got to do with how the photos are shot and the models. Yes, I prefer Cutesy to Sexy. But maybe it is also because I don't have the body to do Sexy. HAHAHA. And Sexy sometimes just feels old.... no?

Thanks to Jenny's constant VS posts, I got myself some... or some more.

I had planned to get some of the body lotion but there are way too many scents to choose from and I gave up after a while when my nose starts to hurt. So I got a miniature Bombshell! Great for tolling around in my handbag or when I work. I had wanted to get the lotion but it was OOS.

Luggage tag for my cargo bag! For the first time, Larry actually chooses a leopard print item for me! Remember I said before how he hates leopard print?

And a key ring!

I didn't specially make a trip to Resort World for VS. We went to Universal Studios! I will do a post on it soon! Before my leave is over!


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