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Sunday, October 4, 2009

From love + mini haul

This has got to be my most expensive haul ever.
But truth is I only paid $13. Thanks to the vouchers I got from working at the airport!
Here goes.

1. Clinique Derma White Bright C Powder Makeup (spf29)
2. Shiseido Maquillage Moisture Rouge (sheer) RS304
3. Dior 5 colour Eye Shadow in Night Butterfly.

I needed a powder foundation and decided on this because it was voted No. 1 of powder makeup in Voce magazine. And of course the sun protection that comes with it. I was never a Clinique fan because I do not like the laboratory concept.
I am no guru with regards to powder makeup. I prefer liquid because it gives you the very natural and glowy look. I am scare to see girls with such thick powder foundation! You can really see the powder that is slapped on her face!
Sadly, I think this is a little dark for my shade. I need a shade lighter.

This has got to be the most shimmery lippie I ever own! Not that I own alot to begin with. Haha.
It really live up to its name. It is very moisturising. It feel like a lipbalm. The shimmers help to fill up the lip lines too. I actually wanted PK705 but it was out of stock.

Look at the shimmer! Very natural colour. Matches with any look.

Are you ready?
Hold your breath!

Isn't this palette gorgeous? Sexy.Smokey.
I have been lemming for this forever. Yipppeeee!
Needless to say. Dior Eyeshadows are highly pigmented.
With my skills, I might waste this beautiful palette. Haha.

Other loves from my love.

2 newest addition to my soft toy collection from him.from his addiction to the claw vending machine.
I rather call it toy catching machine. Claw vending machine sounds like Jason's tool.

I took the lift with the cat that day.

I received this mailer the other day.
I love the lip colour!!!
Its from the Dsquared collection.


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