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Monday, October 12, 2009

Topshop is ♡

I almost forgotten how it feel likes to puke.

Not a nice feeling certainly. Waking up on a Saturday with a pounding head is not nice either.
Hanging around at the bf home without him make me feel worse.

Sober state.

I had a few hours to spare while he is working.
So, shopping!

These 3 dresses from Topshop caught my eye.
This is a simple one. I can wear it for work.
I can wear it several times without people knowing. Haha!

This is pretty! I am loving figure hugging tank dresses lately.
But a bigger upper chest will definitely look hotter in this dress. Haha!

I like this too. Vivi had a feature on dresses and skirts with bows some issues back.
The only thing that is stopping me from buying this is that I am afraid that it might go out of trend soon. But I won't mind wearing it even if it is not in fashion. Hmmm....
I am a living paradox.

I wanna buy all 3!
But of course I practice self control.
I ended up buying only 1 of them.
Guess which?
No prize though. Haha!
Which one do you like?


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