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Sunday, August 22, 2010

FOTD + Picnic + Yummy Taiwan Drinks

I have been taking pics but I just haven't had the time to post them or categorized them in a post. Or it could be the pics are too little to make up into an interesting post. Thus resulting into this unorganized and photo dump post, with no theme or what so ever.

The bf planned a surprise picnic date on a workday several months back. This was our 2nd picnic together.

Picnics are actually very costly. This cost him S$50+. Does planning a picnic cost you a lot in the western countries? For S$50, we can dine in a restaurant with drinks and starters.

In case you are wondering how we melted the cheese. It just got heated by the bike. how convenient right?

I was going through the photos, and realized I do turn fair quite quickly. This was taken less than a week after I got back from Bali. Now, I am only slightly darker than before I went to Bali. I think my canmake orange cream blush goes better with darker complexion.

Now! This! I bought these yesterday at a Taiwan food fare. I love Hazelnut! I love them in Latte and milk tea! Now I can try Hazelnut with Chocolate....

and Almond! They are suppose to be some healthy drinks, with 6 different types of natural and healthy ingredients. I used to hate the taste of Almond. But I am slowly loving them. They are said to be good for whitening. And if an expecting mummy drinks a lot of almond, the baby will be born with very fair skin.

The green colored sachet is Green Tea Latte! I exchanges that with a few sachets of the Hazelnut Chocolate with the bff. I wanted to get all 3! But they are actually quite expensive!

I am going to make a cup now! Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend.
Today is the bff's birthday! I know you like the pressie I got you. Haha!


Rainy Days and Lattes August 23, 2010 at 3:39 AM  

Wow, I love hazelnut drinks! And almond :D I have to go to my local grocer to see if they carry these. I always find Greenmax products at my Chinese market :D I love Taiwanese drinks too! I had no idea that almonds will give you fairer skin.. that's really interesting :) Thanks for sharing. You have lovely skin :)

Serena August 29, 2010 at 12:02 PM  

Picnic! I haven't gone on a picnic all summer...wait I went on a picnic on a lake does that count? {*hehe} That's sweet of your hubby. I love outdoor events. Looks like you guys packed a lot of stuff.

You look so pretty! You're skin is glowing in those photos. {*wow} I wish my skin was as clear.

Yummy drinks! I've only had one GreenMax drink. I think it was the green latte one. The other two sound yummy as well. Hazelnut? {*MmMmMmmmm}


<3s Serena.

rene August 31, 2010 at 4:42 PM  

Hi Rainy Days & Lattes, I don't think the almond nuts itself gives you fair skin. It is more on the dessert(almond paste) or drinks I think. Haha.
Awww... Thanks!

Hi Serena, firstly, he is not my hubby! YET. Hahah. Yes! I read your post of the picnic trip on the lake!
I don't really fancy the Chocolate Hazelnut. And the Green Tea Latte taste much better when I drink it iced! Maybe the same goes for Chocolate Hazelnut, haven't tried it yet.
Awww... Thanks! It must be the highlighters I used!

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