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Friday, August 13, 2010

Bali purchases + Skincare

It has been a while since I blog. Sorry that I have been MIA. Work is just taxing!
Thought I will do a quick 'Purchase' post!

Remember I was deciding between Hada Labo or Aqua Label in a previous post? I got Aqualabel! Actually, I got both. Sort of. The bf was out of his Laneige Homme moisturiser, so I talked him into buying Hada Labo! Hahaha. How scheming am I? So I got to try both of the moisturiser. Their consistency feels the same. Light and milky.

Lotion wise, I only tried Hada Labo. Did not get the lotion from Aqualabel. Got from KOSE instead! Also got the eye gel from the Hydrating range.

I haven't showed you guys what I got from Bali. There are a few huge surf outlet stores in Bali. The bf had a field day. I got a top from Insight and a Roxy bikini.

Shawls! or scarfs? I have no idea what are they call. They were so cheap! Not without bargaining of course. I am loving the leopard and zebra print ones. They are so comfy and light to carry around with me.

This is one of the pricey purchases. I am kind of regretting the colors though.

It sparkles in the sunlight! But I did not capture it very well here.

Here are some souvenirs I bought.


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