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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Uniqlo X Disney + Spring & ViVi.

The bf bought the Uniqlo x Disney camisole set for me!
It comes with a hair tie and a little drawstring pouch.
It is quite pricey in my opinion, S$29.90.
Dinner that day, at a newly opened Italian cafe/eatery.
The bf had lasagna. I find it overcooked, so mushy.
I will go back for this.
OFTD. I found a temp job for 4 days, just a few days before my mum was discharged. I think this is appropriate enough for the office, no?
Feb issue of Spring & March issue of ViVi.
Went to the library. Cookbooks!

Some pages of Spring showing Spring collections!
Heart the florals.

I really like this 'cool' look. With Givenchy collection.
Are you a Givenchy fan? I only got their blusher.
From ViVi.
More florals! So sweet ~
Reason why i bought ViVi. Chikako! My fav.
I think these 2 pages are talking about her style. Love her style. Not overly cute.
Growing up. Look at her curls.
Why is she so pretty?
Her makeup! I prefer her with fairer skin as compared to the tan skin at the bottom of the page.

Hope you liked them!


MilknCookiie February 7, 2010 at 7:33 PM  

Chikako is also my favorite Vivi model. I like Lena too, but she doesn't differ too much from other cutesy models.

I love the denim + floral combination in the 2nd Chikako scan. ^^

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