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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Oh Bali II

This week has been such a long week! There is a big project going on and I have to spend the weekends at the office. So, I basically work seven days straight. No, tomorrow is Monday and I still need to turn up for work, so, fourteen! And it is extra tiring because I am not just sitting on my desk typing away. There is so much logistics going on, we have to set up the office so respondents could come in for their session and then bring down everything again today, then set it up again in 2 weeks time, then bring down and set up, bring down and set up over 10 weeks. OMG. Just thinking about it now is making me feel so exhausted.

Just now, I was so drained that I did not realized I patted on my toner and used a mask WITHOUT washing my face! There were times I used my body wash to washed my hair or the other way round. HAHAHA.

Sorry for all that crap, I just keep going on and on.
ok! Back to what this post is about. In my previous post I showed some scenes and sights of Bali, so this time round I thought I'll post some of my favorite pictures of me and the bf. How narcissistic is this right? HAHA.

This was when they went snorkeling and ocean rafting. I had diarrhea and felt so weak that I stayed alone in the hotel.

I seriously think that the SO have a better figure than me!

There are still some more photos with the bff. I know you will read this soon! Where are the pictures?! and videos?

I need to hit the sack now.


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