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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day out!

On Tuesday, bf and I went for a movie and a little shopping.
We caught a Chinese movie,
it has been a long time since we watch a chinese one.
How I wish Hong Kong movies are not dubbed.

Produced from the team behind Infernal Affairs and Protege,
Overheard is a financial thriller about stock market manipulation.
Overall a very impressive cast lineup.
Even the supporting actors and actresses are faces that you will be familiar with.
Like Alex Fong Chung Sun whom I like too!
Lead actors and actress are from Protege,
Daniel Wu, Louis Koo and Zhang Jingchu.

I think Zhang Jingchu's really a looker.
Probably because of how her character look in Protege.
Those dark smudgy black rimmed eyes and limp hair.

I also like how Louis Koo is portrayed in the movie.
So aged and worn out.
Overall, I like this film. Tight story and gloomy tone.
Catch it!

Head to Kinokuniya and picked up Nonno.
Larry bought his first japanese magazine with an X-Large accessorize.
Yesterday he even went online to check the previous issues of the mag and the freebies.
I know he's gonna be going back for more issues.
Yeah! finally he understand why I am buying magazines so much!
One more shared interest!

I only bought 1 mag! So discipline. Im proud of myself.

It came with a Ribbon hair clip from Lowry's Farm!
I've been obsessed with ribbons and bows lately.

Previous buy

I wore it that day.



Anonymous August 17, 2009 at 8:30 AM  

I'm loving your bows! I think I'm obsessed too haha.

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