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Thursday, January 14, 2010

A break + Helena Rubinstein

Yesterday was terrible. Utterly terrible. My dad was.... being the way he always is. Which means intolerable. The therapist taught me and brother how to handle and transfer my dad from the bed to the wheelchair. Everything went smoothly for awhile. When the therapist start to tell us about what type of wheelchair and commode chairs my dad needs, he start to give his ridiculous comments and suggestions. He said he can go back to work in a week, he do not need a wheelchair with the functions, he is very fit and healthy, we can wash and change his dressing at home.......blah blah blah.... Basically, he thinks and tell me that do not listen to the staffs, doctors and therapists. He know what to do and he knows the best. He knows EVERYTHING. Doctors with doctorates, degrees and phds do not know anything.
So I got REALLY REALLY stressed out and broke down there in the ward. Not once but twice.
He thinks that he is helping us, but fact is he is stressing us more.

Today, we finally settle the wheelchairs issue. I was so glad. But he end the day with a great big announcement. That he is going home tomorrow.
I have yet to arrange the furniture and make the home wheelchair friendly and he wants to be discharge. I have not even purchase the wheelchair and commode chair. And because our main door have steps, I need to get a ramp done so that I will be able to push him up. The bf will be helping me to check it out. To make this post more interesting,

I was telling him, being my boyfriend is so much hard work!! Thank you baby!

So I was looking forward to our evening out yesterday but because of what happened with my dad earlier that day, I was moody and sensitive the rest of the evening. The poor bf had to be so patient with me. I am so sorry but I could not helped it. I just could not pluck myself out from the emotional state. He bought me these to make me happy.

He bought me the HR mascara!! This product is a SPLURGE!!!! It is soooo costly!

We had Korean because I wanted to. After watching Cinderella Man. Haha.
I like the kimchi(just the right amout of spiciness), anchovies and cucumbers.

I had Beef Bibimbap. I can taste or chew any beef. Think I'll order Beef with rice next time.

The bf had Squid with rice. We were not told that it was spicy and the bf can't take spicy! Poor thing! I exchanged with him in the end. But it was too spicy for me too! Haha.

Kimchi soup. I initially wanted the Ginseng Chicken Soup because it was the highly recommended one from reviews, but it was so expensive. $21!

I am not going to visit my dad tomorrow because he wants to be discharge tomorrow. HAHAHA.


StuddedLilly January 18, 2010 at 7:21 AM  

what a lucky girl :)
cute blog!


Jenny January 19, 2010 at 11:57 PM  

I'm sorry to hear that about your Dad. It's hard, those situations, and it sounds like he's in a bit of denial which makes it harder for you guys to take care of him. Hope things get easier with all of it.

rene January 20, 2010 at 12:16 AM  

StuddedLilly, Thanks for popping by!

Jenny, I don't think he is in denial. He is just like this. Haha! Well... hope this incident will be a little blessing in disguise. =)

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