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Monday, January 11, 2010

Getting better

Its been a week since Mum and Dad was admitted to hospital. Wow. I can't believe its been a week. The past week was so busy. I learned so much about my dad during all the hospital visits. I also just learn that my brother had a bank loan to cover some stuffs. It shocked me. I did not mentioned about my mum because I had grew closer to her these few years though I also began communicating more with my dad. But he still sees me as a little girl so he does not share with me his financial stuffs. Now that he is warded in bed, he needs me to clear his credit cards bills, the house loans and the property tax. I remember I used to grumble so much about the fact that I am still sharing a room with my brother at this age, but until 2 days ago when my uncle came from KL and visited my dad with me then I knew the reason why all the other rooms in the house is rented out. I am sure a little part of him wished he could give me a room but then again he is always telling me that he never had a room too when growing up. You know elderly likes to compare with their past. Haha.

My uncle was also telling me that my mum dote so much on my brother whereas my dad dotes on me. Haha. Then, the bf also commented that my aunt likes my brother more. I was so surprised! And asked why did he think so and he said it is obvious. Me on the other hand cannot sense it. But that's good. I mean I'm like so old already, this kind of stuffs does not bothers me. BUT! Contradictorily, when my uncle said that I've done a good job, I kinda feel better. Like finally someone sees and acknowledge that. Because what ever I have done so far, my aunt or everyone else doesn't seems to see it. You know how in Mangement lesson about motivators or push factors in a job. Haha.

So! I just felt like I've grown so much in a week!
Today I was also informed by the nurse that I will need to learn how to move or handle my parents in wheelchair. It is like a course. And I will need to rent wheelchairs.

I also went for an interview this morning. Seems ok. Well... we'll see. I might not be able to take up the job even if I am give the position. I need to recharged my batteries soon. Do something fun with the bf. Looking forward to his off day.


witoxicity January 11, 2010 at 9:37 PM  

It's good that your parents are getting better. Hang in there! Your good deeds would never go unnoticed. :)

Anonymous January 13, 2010 at 12:39 AM  

Ling, I know you can do better for looking after of your parents, may God Bless You!

rene January 20, 2010 at 12:17 AM  

Aunt Sue, is that you?! Yikes. Haha.

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